Mixing and Mastering

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We are a full service production studio

that Record, Mix and Master different gender of music (rock, rap, hip hop, dance, R & B, soul, funk, rock, pop, reggae, metal, electro…)

TrackAnsBeats would like to offer our clients the opportunity to have their tracks professional mix and master here at our studio. Check out our Equipment list below..

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has a team of talented producers and songwriters ready to help create your music productions needs. At TrackAndBeats our team is superbly connected to well-known studio musician with state-of-the-art recording studio material. Our engineering skills, based on years of recording and mixing will transform your songs into a rich professional audio perfection. TrackAndBeats has experience working with major international artists.

The kick start it needs

We can help you, produce your next album EP or single. We understand that music is very personal to artists because in many ways it represents the image and ideas that they want to convey to the world. Working together with the artist is the most important process to the quality and integrity of the finished product

You can discuss the sound and direction you would like to take with your song. We can create custom beats and track in all style (Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, R & B, Dance, Rock, Reggae, etc..) for your musical project. We can write a track/tracks with your vocal and musical style in mind.

Our Service


After tracking is completed, We offer a high end Pro Tools HD 3 system for mixing with an array of Analogue and popular plug-ins.. to balance the relative volume and frequency content the tracks. we use a combination of high quality outboard EQs and Compressors, as well plugins and automation. This allows our team at TrackAndBeats the best of both the digital and analog world.


for a punchy, loud, high quality 16 or 24 bit Wave, AIF files or MP3 files. All our mastering is done within Pro Tools HD using top quality, industry standard plugins and outboard gear. Our Mastering will give your mixes the final boost and polishing it needs to be ready for cd/radio/tv.


• Console AMEK Angela II.

• “40 tranches in line – 80 voies”



• Neve 33609

• Urei 1176 LN x2

• SSL 4000 E Series x2

• Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8x w/Brit Mod x2


• DEMETER ampli micro stereo

• SUMMIT AUDIO TLA-100 compresseur

• PRESONUS ACP88 compresseur/gate X16

• Joe Meek sc2 compressor

• DBX 160 compressor limiter


• AMS RMX16 Reverb

• TC Electronic M3000

• TC Electronic G-Major

• LEXICON PCM-80 dual FX



• TC Electronic FINALIZER processeur de mastering



• Mackie HR824


• Genelec 8050a



• MCI-JH24 , 24 pistes à bandes 2 pouces


Avid Pro Tool 10

Reason, Altiverd, Lexicon PCM Native reverb Bundle

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad :

Manley, Empirical Labs, Neve, Roland, BOSS, EMT, Fairchild, Harrison, Helios, Little Labs, Pultec, SPL, Teletronix, Urei 1176 LN, etc….

Wave Gold Bundle

The Bomb Factory plugins

Kombinat Audio Damag, iZotope Alloy, PSP MixPack 2, DMG Audio EQuality, PeaveyReValver, Sugar Bytes Effectrix, Sugar Bytes Turnado, Antares Auto-Tune, CelemonyMelodyne Editor, Line 6 Amp Farm,Eddie Kramer, Mark studio

Native Instrument :

Elektrik Piano, B4, Guitar Rig Pro, Kontakt, Traktor, Abbey Road,

Massive, Absynth, Komplete 8FM8, Reaktor 5, , Scarbee Vintage Keys, Classic Piano, ’57 Drawbar Organ, Kontakt Retro Machines….

Ableton 8.2.8 (with Serato)Waves Mercury Complete 8Autotune, EvoVocalignSerato Pitch and TimeJoe MeekArturia – ARP 2600V, CS – 80V, minimoogV, Moog Modular V2,HIP HOP,PROPHET,JUPITER,ANALOG FACTORYSpectrasonics (Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Moog Bass add on)reFX – Nexus-PLUS ALL EXPANSIONS, Quadrasid , Slayer 2, Vanguard PLUS ALL BANKSGForce – Oddity, Imposcar, Mini Monsta, Mtron etc……